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Cultural Exchange Program with Holland 2016


Friday 22nd

Hi everyone!!
Today was the day for visiting the main dutch city, Amsterdam. We met at the school at 9:00 in the morning, where the bus was waiting for us. After having spoken about how was the night before, we leave Vlaardingen.

After one hour by bus, we finally reached Amsterdam. The first thing which surprised us is the amount of people in the streets of this city. Is always crowded!! The weather was not bad, it wasn’t raining, but it was a bit cold and cloudy. We started the tour by the city centre in the central station. After walking through the main streets and over the cannels of Amsterdam, we stopped in Anna Franck’s House, but, due to the long queue we couldn’t enter (1 hour waiting!!). So, we went to the famous flower market, where we could buy some souvenirs and, of course, the most famous flowers in Holland, tulips.  
Then, after some hours walking, we finish our tour in the main square: The Dam. This is the square where all shopping streets end, so, the students had some free time to do the last shoppings, and to have lunch in one of the lots of restaurants there were around.

So, after a tiring day, we went back to Vlaardingen, and, in the end, have time to rest!! 

Thursday 21th

A new sunny, and even hot, day. Perfect to continue our tour round Holland. Today we have been to The Hague, one the capital cities of the country, home to most of the embassies, consulates and most important of all, the Dutch government, the council of the State and the Supreme Court.

One of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, it is also a commercial centre, full of life and nice parks and buildings to see. After a nice walk crossing the city, we have visited the Peace Palace, home for the permanent international court of arbitration. There, we have written our wishes for peace and left them in the welcoming tree which leads to the little museums, where have learnt some details about the origins of the court and some details about its international function.
Then, walking around again along the beautiful streets of the city, heading to the Escher museum, where, as usual, we have enjoyed a lot, not only the pictures and drawings left by this famous mathematician, but also, and most, the different games and experiments based on them.

Some free time to have lunch or a nice coffee under the sun. The perfect end??? No!
Tonight our hosts invite us to a “family” dinner at school where we all, students, parents and teachers, will share some homemade dishes while commenting about these great days we are enjoying in Holland.
We’ll tell you tomorrow… Nice evening to everyone!!!


Wednesday 20th


Today has been one of the sunniest and warmer days since we came to Holland. Perfect day to visit Kinderdjik, a nice town close to Rotterdam, famous for its mills.

Early in the morning we left school as usual to take a train to Rotterdam. First, we have time to visit the city centre and see some of the most famous buildings, like the old City Council or the Cubic Houses, known worldwide for its amazing design and structure. We even could visit one of them, noticing how this weird structure from the outside, can house a perfectly normal (or not) house…
After a nice walk in the centre, we had to board on the waterbus which was to drive? us to Kinderdjik. There, we have been able to admire some beautiful mills, still in perfect conditions and, some of them, even occupied and working.
Then, it was time to give a go to some shopping and lunch back in Rotterdam, before coming back home, tired, suntanned, but, as usual, glad after a nice day out in Holland.

That’s all by now. Talk tomorrow!!!



Tuesday 19th


Hello again!!!
Today we have headed Delft, a very typical and nice Dutch city, famous for being home to one of the most typical Dutch products, the Royal Delft Pottery.

Around 9:30 we took a train to Delft and after having a short walk under the sun, we arrived to the museum, where our guide, Antonio, showed us some important facts and details, not only about the process, but also about the history of this iconic element in the Dutch culture, also present in the Royal family. We walked around a very nice building, where lots of examples, some of them really amazing, taught us a little bit of Dutch history too.

After that, some shopping in the museums. Details in blue for family and friends ;)
Then, a nice little walk to the centre of the village, where we could see the beautiful square, home to the City Council and the new church. After a relaxing lunch, what about a nice boat trip in the canals?
Thanks to David, Dutch students, also captain of our boat, we learnt really interesting stories about Delft and the canals: beer merchants, nobility, taxes based on the windows of the houses, emblematic buildings…, all of that under the sun.

Tomorrow, another iconic Dutch place: Kinderdjik.

See you soon!!!

Monday 18th

New year, new exchange…

On Saturday, the 16th, a new group of our students took off, heading to Vlaardingen where, really, really excited, their new Dutch friends, brothers and sisters now, were waiting for them.

Lots of fun during the weekend, visiting Rotterdam, partying and some bruises thanks to the paintball, under the Dutch rain.

On Monday, we all meet early in the morning in order to attend a really interesting class on Human Brain. A great English teacher showed us (and tricked on us as well), how our brain works and answered very interesting questions and doubts.

After that, the Dutch students gave us an interesting (and even more fun) lesson on typical things related to their country: food, music, sports, festivals… Then, following very precise instructions, all students had to cycle round Vlaardingen taking weird and artistic photos for an Art assignment, while we, teachers, were waiting for them to have a very typical lunch: enormous pancakes under the sun.

To finish with this part of the day, we all came back to school, where they have been practising some sport. Only a brave one enjoyed climbing, something scary but fun, which have made us all enjoy even more our "first" day in Vlaardingen. Football, that normally is the main gathering activity, has turned into a second place… now selfies are the top trend!!!

Tomorrow a new activity: Delft. There, we will visit their famous ceramic museum, the Royal Delft, and will enjoy for sure the boat trip in the canals, while learning some interesting facts about the history of the city.

See you tomorrow!!!




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